Miele = Medical Imaging ELEments
DICOM Software
by Alex Bettarini

DICOM Worklist

Miele-WL Worklist System Downloads

Worklist Server (WL SCP)

This is a GUI wrapper for the DCMTK worklist server (file-based).

  • Mac OS X

  • Windows

    • Miele-WL

      • version 1.3.32 (26 May 2020)
      • 64-bit
      • built with Visual Studio 2019
      • using DCMTK 3.6.5
      • tested on Windows 10
      • Purchase now

Modality Performed Procedure Step Server (MPPS SCP)

First release planned late 2022

Worklist Client (WL SCU)

This application is normally part of a DICOM Modality station. It queries the worklist server for Requested Procedures. It optionally interacts with the MPPS server.

Worklist "Feeders"

They feed new work items to the worklist server.

  1. HL7 to DICOM Worklist

    HTTP server to receive HL7 files and convert them to DICOM Worklist files

    • Mac OS X

    • Windows

      • HL7 to DICOM Worklist

        • version 2.0.22 (14 May 2020)
        • 64-bit
        • built with Visual Studio 2019
        • tested on Windows 10
        • Purchase now
  2. TXT to DICOM Worklist

    • User manual
    • Contact us if you are interested in receiving the implementation.

Example System Diagram




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