Miele = Medical Imaging ELEments
DICOM Software
by Alex Bettarini

DICOM Viewer and Workstation

Miele-LXIV (64-bit)


  • macOS

    • Download from Apple App Store. Normally free, but from Dec 2022 until the total of 2000 Euro is reached, there is a small price tag for the purpose of financing the purchase of a modern PC so that the app can be validated with macOS Ventura and a retina display.
    • Open source GitHub
    • Development language: Objective-C, built with Xcode
  • Windows

    • Development language: C++, built with wxWidgets
    • CPU architecture x86-64 and amd64
    • Requires OpenGL drivers (Core profile) already installed on your PC
    • Version 0.6.1158 beta (10 Mar 2023)
      • NSIS installer
        Size 6.4 MiB
        MD5 sum: 49dc9b74840623da17a934413de5cecf
        It may ask for admin rights ("UAC") during the installation
    • Apply for free evaluation licence
  • Linux

    • Development language: C++, built with wxWidgets
    • Version 0.5.938 alpha (28 Mar 2022) The Linux version is not recommended for end users yet. Only for people interested in previewing and supporting the project.
    • Apply for free evaluation licence


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