Miele = Medical Imaging ELEments
DICOM Software
by Alex Bettarini

DICOM Worklist

Miele-WL Worklist System Downloads

Worklist Server (WL SCP)

This is a GUI wrapper for the DCMTK worklist server (file-based).

  • macOS

  • Windows

    • Miele-WL

      • version 1.3.32 (26 May 2020)
      • 64-bit
      • built with Visual Studio 2019
      • using DCMTK 3.6.5
      • tested on Windows 10
      • Free Download
        Size 3.2 MiB
        MD5 sum: b587f8425cd76ada1c2f03fd133d70bf

Modality Performed Procedure Step Server (MPPS SCP)

First release planned end 2023

Worklist Client (WL SCU)

This type of application is normally part of a DICOM Modality station. It queries the worklist server for Requested Procedures. It optionally interacts with the MPPS server.

miele-wl-scu downloads:

  • macOS

    • Version 1.0.64 (14 Jul 2023)
      • Universal binary (Intel, Apple Silicon)
      • Purchase from Apple App Store
      • No license file required
  • Windows

    • Version 1.0.68 (17 Jul 2023)
  • Linux

Worklist "Feeders"

They feed new work items to the worklist server.

  1. HL7 to DICOM Worklist

    HTTP server to receive HL7 files and convert them to DICOM Worklist files

    • macOS

    • Windows

      • HL7 to DICOM Worklist

        • version 2.1.32 (14 May 2020)
        • 64-bit
        • built with Visual Studio 2019
        • tested on Windows 10
        • Free Download
          Size 3.1 MiB
          MD5 sum: ab7523b7154e76fbfa5bf2fbce4d7635
  2. TXT to DICOM Worklist

    • User manual
    • Contact us if you are interested in receiving the implementation.
  3. wl-feeder

    Creates worklist items from HL7, GDT, and manual input.

    • User manual
    • macOS
      • Development language: C++, built with wxWidgets
      • Version 1.0.44 beta (15 Feb 2024)

        • Notarized universal binary (Intel, Apple Silicon)
        • it requires wxWidgets libraries, version 3.2.4

          $ brew install wxwidgets
        • Free Download dmg
          Size 95.4 MiB
          MD5 sum: dd7391cf9e43ba427314c54de8316b79

Example System Diagram




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